What is the CMA?

CMA is short for "The Camp Meeting Association of the Newark Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church"; we are more commonly referred to as the Mount Tabor Camp Meeting Association or CMA. The CMA consists of 12 elected members of a Board of Trustees (referred to hereafter as the CMA). The CMA meets in public once per month. Come and join in on the fun by attending a meeting. As a leaseholder you can watch, comment on business before the CMA, or introduce new business directly to the CMA at the meeting. After each meeting the minutes of the meeting are recorded and approved at the next month's meeting. Meeting minutes are then posted on the bulletin board and can also be viewed at the CMA office. Stop by and request to review the minutes if there is a topic of interest.

Officers of the CMA

President: Rich Morgan

Vice President: Kevin Liparini

Treasurer: Mary Ann O'Brien

Secretary: Dawn Catanzaro


Wayne Engelhardt

George Philhower

Fran Schmelzer

Beth Shaw

Other Trustees of the CMA

Jewel Burns

Carol Titus

Pat Rolston

Maura Denton


In addition to the monthly public meetings the CMA conducts its business through a variety of Committees. These include those created as a result of our Constitution as detailed below. And from time to time the CMA president may appoint an Ad Hoc Committee to address a particular need of the community.

Standing Committees of the CMA

Parks, Gardens, and Grounds: The Parks, Gardens and Grounds Committee shall recommend to the Board of Trustees plans for the maintenance and improvement of all the grounds owned by the Corporation. The Chairperson for this committee are Wayne Engelhardt and Jewel Burns.

Finance: The Finance Committee shall prepare a detailed budget at least thirty (30) days in advance of the April Board of Trustees meeting.   The detailed budget shall set forth the projected revenues and anticipated expenditures for the ensuing year.
The Finance Committee shall at that time recommend the amount of revenue to be raised by assessments, parking lot fees and building rentals. The Finance Chairperson is Fran Schmelzer

Recreation and Community Life: The Recreation and Community Life Committee shall promote community activities for all residents of Mount Tabor.  The Committee will also encourage, publicize and sponsor activities by community organizations, individual leaseholders and the Corporation.   The Committee shall act as a liaison between leaseholders and community organizations.  The Committee will also meet with all new leaseholders to inform them of the policies of the Corporation, and of activities and organizations in the community. The Chairperson for Recreation and Community Life is Carol Titus

Lots & Boundaries:The Committee shall determine the boundaries on all lots in the Corporation, and review all leases and transfer of leases and assignments of leases for accuracy of the lot description prior to the execution thereof.   When a survey of property is, in the judgment of the committee necessary to determine a boundary, the survey costs shall be assessed upon the interested parties. Chairperson for Lots & Boundaries is Mary Ann O'Brien.

Parking Lots: The Parking Lots Committee shall recommend to the Board of Trustees plans for the maintenance, improvement and regulation of the parking lots owned by the Corporation. The Chairpersons for Parking are George Philhower and Wayne Engelhardt.

Executive: The Executive Committee of the CMA consists of a subsection of six Trustees. These trustees include the constitutionally defined officers of the CMA (Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) and three Trustees appointed by the President of the CMA. Any matters not specifically falling under the jurisdiction of a Standing or Ad Hoc Committee are handled by the Executive Committee. The current Chairperson of this committee is Kevin Liparini.

Policy: This committee is chartered with...The Chairperson for this committee is Mary Ann O'Brien

Historic: The Historic Committee shall preserve, when possible, any memorabilia relating to Mount Tabor which becomes available to the Board of Trustees.  The committee shall report, for inclusion in the Board of Trustees minutes, any incidents or events that may relate to Mount Tabor’s history. The Historic Chairperson is Beth Shaw

Ad Hoc Committees are created at the CMA President's discretion.

Current Ad Hoc Committees Include:

Children's Day is on of the few committees that exists each year regardless of presidential appointment....

Trees in Mount Tabor

Historic Designation Oversight: This committee is charged with assisting with the process of ensuring that projects around Tabor are getting done in a timely manner while also navigating regulations that may exist regarding public works funds being applied in an Historic Region. The Committee also is researching ways in which Mount Tabor and its Leaseholders might benefit from Historic Designation.