Special Announcement: Fire Department Election (Leaseholders should read)

Dear Leaseholders

In reference to the upcoming special election concerning the expansion plans of Fire District 1, The Mount Tabor Volunteer Fire Department, members of the Mount Tabor Board of Trustees have done some preliminary fact-finding and questioned the Board of Fire Commissioners on specifics of the plan and how it will affect, impact, and benefit all of us up “on the hill”.

The most important question that we raised concerned the future of the Simpson Avenue Firehouse and if their expansion plans might eliminate the future need for Simpson.  We were satisfied with their "positive” and seemingly sincere answer….. In the opinion and statement of the present Board of Commissioners (and like our board, their board does change over time), they have no plans to close Simpson permanently, regardless of this proposed plan.  They will revisit opening it up as a fully active house, just as soon as they have enough volunteers that could respond to that location, efficiently.  This, of course, points back to us to encourage and appeal to our residents of the very real need to find volunteers that live “on the hill” or very near Mount Tabor to consider joining to respond to our Simpson Avenue location.

As far as benefit to our community (and we did direct the questioning to “how will it benefit us “up on the hill”), we will gain a permanent staffed home for the Volunteer Ambulance Squad.  We will have a dedicated single bay for an assigned ambulance to respond from Tarn Drive (paid by the town 20%). You can read out the election in this LETTER FROM THE FIRE DEPT BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

Also, in addition to the 5-Bay “state of the art” firehouse, they will also be purchasing a new engine that is designed with a tight turning radius to navigate our streets.  

While the Board of Trustees will not make a formal recommendation on how you, as registered voters, should vote in this election, we don’t have major concerns in the negative.  We would encourage all voters to exercise your right and vote on June 10th.  Prior to that, there are a couple of “Open House” opportunities at the Tarn Drive Firehouse that you can ask questions of the Fire Department and form your own opinion.  There is the $83 per year (for 15 years on an average $350,000 home) increase in the “fire tax”.  Only you can decide if the increase is worth the probable benefits.




Richard Morgan