A letter from the CMA President

Dear Leaseholders,


Please carefully consider attending the Town Hall meeting as described below by Parsippany Mayor James Barberio.  It is THIS Thursday!  While the Affordable Housing issue and impact may not actually physically touch the borders of our little Mount Tabor community, the overall impact of what happens in the township will have a significant impact on us.  Our schools, town services and infrastructure may be significantly altered by a sudden influx of apartment/condo dwellers.  From what I have heard, the numbers of buildings, apartments and condos that will be necessary to fulfill the Affordable Housing requirements and make the projects viable from a developer’s point of view will be staggering.


I would suggest that all Taborites keep an eye on what could happen and voice your opinion.  I will be attending along with other members of the Board of Trustees.  We will be looking out for Mount Tabor’s interests.

Mayor Barberio's letter can be read by clicking HERE




Richard Morgan


CMA President