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September 15, 2017

Dear Leaseholders,

Regrettably the Board of Trustees has accepted the resignation of long-time board member

Carol Titus who has unselfishly dedicated a vast amount of her time and effort to the betterment of our community over the past several years.  Carol will be soon moving onto the next stage of her life and leaves the community that she has grown to love.  She will be greatly missed.

Carol’s October departure leaves some big shoes to fill on our Board.  There are two remaining years on her three-year term and the CMA is seeking qualified resident leaseholder applicants to thoughtfully consider applying for that seat on the Board.  We are looking for a strong, community-minded person to join our twelve-member board as we lead the way into the future, toward our 150th anniversary, less than 2 years away.  Potential and interested candidates are asked to provide a professional resume along with a cover letter providing us with your background of special interest in our community. It is a volunteer job for sure but hopefully a rewarding one as well.  Dedication to our community is an essential element along with a time commitment to meeting attendance and committee work.

Interested candidates are asked submit their application to the Chairman, Executive Committee, at the above address, no later that October 15, 2017.  This may be your opportunity to give back to the great community of Mount Tabor in which we are all fortunate to live.


The Board of Trustees

Special Announcement: Fire Department Election (Leaseholders should read)

Dear Leaseholders

In reference to the upcoming special election concerning the expansion plans of Fire District 1, The Mount Tabor Volunteer Fire Department, members of the Mount Tabor Board of Trustees have done some preliminary fact-finding and questioned the Board of Fire Commissioners on specifics of the plan and how it will affect, impact, and benefit all of us up “on the hill”.

The most important question that we raised concerned the future of the Simpson Avenue Firehouse and if their expansion plans might eliminate the future need for Simpson.  We were satisfied with their "positive” and seemingly sincere answer….. In the opinion and statement of the present Board of Commissioners (and like our board, their board does change over time), they have no plans to close Simpson permanently, regardless of this proposed plan.  They will revisit opening it up as a fully active house, just as soon as they have enough volunteers that could respond to that location, efficiently.  This, of course, points back to us to encourage and appeal to our residents of the very real need to find volunteers that live “on the hill” or very near Mount Tabor to consider joining to respond to our Simpson Avenue location.

As far as benefit to our community (and we did direct the questioning to “how will it benefit us “up on the hill”), we will gain a permanent staffed home for the Volunteer Ambulance Squad.  We will have a dedicated single bay for an assigned ambulance to respond from Tarn Drive (paid by the town 20%). You can read out the election in this LETTER FROM THE FIRE DEPT BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

Also, in addition to the 5-Bay “state of the art” firehouse, they will also be purchasing a new engine that is designed with a tight turning radius to navigate our streets.  

While the Board of Trustees will not make a formal recommendation on how you, as registered voters, should vote in this election, we don’t have major concerns in the negative.  We would encourage all voters to exercise your right and vote on June 10th.  Prior to that, there are a couple of “Open House” opportunities at the Tarn Drive Firehouse that you can ask questions of the Fire Department and form your own opinion.  There is the $83 per year (for 15 years on an average $350,000 home) increase in the “fire tax”.  Only you can decide if the increase is worth the probable benefits.




Richard Morgan


A letter from the CMA President

Dear Leaseholders,


Please carefully consider attending the Town Hall meeting as described below by Parsippany Mayor James Barberio.  It is THIS Thursday!  While the Affordable Housing issue and impact may not actually physically touch the borders of our little Mount Tabor community, the overall impact of what happens in the township will have a significant impact on us.  Our schools, town services and infrastructure may be significantly altered by a sudden influx of apartment/condo dwellers.  From what I have heard, the numbers of buildings, apartments and condos that will be necessary to fulfill the Affordable Housing requirements and make the projects viable from a developer’s point of view will be staggering.


I would suggest that all Taborites keep an eye on what could happen and voice your opinion.  I will be attending along with other members of the Board of Trustees.  We will be looking out for Mount Tabor’s interests.

Mayor Barberio's letter can be read by clicking HERE




Richard Morgan


CMA President

Taborites Enjoyed the Annual Mt. Tabor Christmas Tree Lighting And Concert

And less than a week later, At The Tabernacle hosted their annual Christmas Concert to a full-house of Mount Tabor residents and their friends & family. Peter Mayor and his band of seasoned musicians clearly appreciated the venue's unmatched acoustics. A video of one of the nights great performances a review is available at the excellent local beat website 

More than 70 Mt. Tabor residents of all ages turned out for the Christmas tree lighting this year, celebrating the beginning of the holiday season. CMA president Rich Morgan led the 'count down' (click here for the video). Tim Sevener and the Tabor Jammers provided the live music. Thanks to George Philhower for sound and to Marc Miller and Bruce Olson for putting up the lights. The Recreation and Community Life Committee of the CMA served cookies and hot chocolate to the happy crowd. 


New Trees Planted on our Hill in 2016

    Marc Miller, Town Manager and Bruce Olsen, Garden Club member and volunteer tree planter, planting one of the 'Fall Fiesta' Maples in the maple allee.

Marc Miller, Town Manager and Bruce Olsen, Garden Club member and volunteer tree planter, planting one of the 'Fall Fiesta' Maples in the maple allee.

    Mount Tabor children helping with the planting in Trinity Park on Treemendous Day 2016

Mount Tabor children helping with the planting in Trinity Park on Treemendous Day 2016

Mt Tabor has been made greener in 2016 with the planting of six young trees in 2016, under the direction of the Tree Committee, an ad hoc committee of the CMA.  Look for the new plantings in Main Park, Trinity Park, Scott Place Park, and Country Club Lane, where two sturdy young maples have been planted to restore the historic maple allee, an intentional planting along the road leading to the Mt. Tabor Country Club. The allee area was near the Victory Gardens during World War 11. Prior to that, the area was described as a shady "pleasure grove" near the original club house. One more maple is needed to complete the restoration of the allee on the south west side and more will be needed as the old trees need to be replaced.

 Many thanks to those residents and organizations who have donated to the Mount Tabor Tree Restoration Fund. To keep the impetus going, please consider donating to the fund in recognition or commemoration of an individual or event. A donation of $275 is appropriate to dedicate a tree; however, any amount is most welcome as an addition to the general fund. In the same way that small acorns produce mighty oaks, small donations can, when added up, produce a tree to grace our hill. Information and donation forms are available in the CMA office or contact Pat Rolston at or 973-723-7763.


Welcome to the new!

The feedback has been given and the verdict is in- the CMA website stinks! Well we have listened to the feedback and are doing our level best to improve the situation. The result of our efforts is the initial site refresh that is live as of now. It is a work in progress, but we hope you will agree that it is much simpler, easy to use, and focuses on the types of things people come to to learn about in the first place.

As you explore the site here is what you will find today...

A Simplified Home Page and User Experience

No longer will you find dated banners and irrelevant announcements on the home page (or anywhere on the site) and now you will find highly relevant and focused information about Mount Tabor NJ and the Camp Meeting Association. The home page won't change that often as it is the entry point for all visitors looking to find out a little bit about Mount Tabor. and the benefits afforded Leaseholders and residents.

But the page is also the jumping off point to other relevant and informative pages.

A New and Streamlined Calendar

Visit the calendar page and you can scroll til your hearts content through all of the upcoming events happening in and around Mount Tabor. We are initially focusing on events hosted by the CMA and some of our more established local groups. But over time we will look to expand the calendar to things that we think might be of interest to a broad cross-section of the community. Check back often to see whats going in Tabor and please let us know what other types of entries you would like to see in the calendar.

Links to Many Local Resources 

In the resources tab you will find links to all of the local resources that we could think of as being relevant to Taborites. If you can think of more please let us know (through the Contact tab). We are eager to make this site a resource to the people of the community. 

Soon enough we will also add a password protected section for Mt. Tabor Leaseholders only. The password can be obtained in the office starting in October but will also be distributed with each Assessment Invoice. We are still working out will be included in that section of the site, but likely this will be the rules and by laws of the CMA, monthly minutes, etc.

News, Announcement, Recaps, and Communications

We are going to make every effort to blog and communicate on a regular basis. This entry is the first real publication in the Tabor News section. In the future we will try to use this space as a source of news to keep Leaseholders and residents informed about what is going on with the CMA and in and around our community. 

A Way to Get in Touch

If you want to reach out for any reason, please click through to the Contact section of the site. There you will find the offices main phone number or a form you can fill out that will be routed to the CMA. We should be able to respond fairly quickly to either method. We would love to get feedback on the site, so feel free to let us know what you think.

And just around the corner we are planning on...

An Overview of the CMA

We have a lot to share about the CMA. How we are organized and operate, as well as how to best engage with the CMA when you need our help or have a suggestion. We just couldn't get it all done in time for the launch of the site. When that content is ready a new navigation item will appear in the menu saying, CMA. Click on it and learn you need to know and more about the CMA.

Subscribing to content

We know that most of you will visit the site just about every day, maybe even twice on a good day. But for those of you who want to keep up with the changes as they come we are looking into simple ways to enable Leaseholders to be notified when changes are up on the Calendar or in Tabor News. This may be a simple link or monthly newsletters. Details are being ironed out but we are hoping to add functionality to enable this throughout the next six months.

More Overviews of Buildings and Parks

The first pass of the site provides an overview of some of the key CMA buildings and resources available to those in the community. We are going to expand upon that first step and provide more overviews of the places that make Mt. Tabor such a special and hidden gem.

More Photos

We are looking into ways to make the site more visual and their is no shortage of great photos available to place on the site. We don't want it to be an un-curated free for all, but also want to make sure to have images that capture the beauty of the community. If you have pictures you would like to share please reach out.

What You Want

We are open to any and all feedback. Let us know what you would find helpful and we will try to incorporate it into the site as quickly as possible.