The Camp Meeting Association of Mount Tabor (CMA)


The Camp Meeting Association of Mount Tabor (CMA) is a 501(c)4 non-profit community association governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of twelve volunteer resident Leaseholders of Mount Tabor, who are elected by the Leaseholders at an Annual Meeting. The objective of the CMA is to provide a quiet and healthy environment for the people living in Mount Tabor and to provide for the safety and well-being of the community.




Photos of Mt. Tabor

More than just a group of homeowners.


As a Leaseholder in Mount Tabor you have a host of amenities available to you within our community. The common facilities in Mount Tabor can accommodate a wide variety of uses from birthday parties and other personal gatherings to meeting and event venues for approved community groups; this service is free to Leaseholders. In addition we encourage all of our residents to take advantage of our professionally maintained green spaces and parks.



The Tabernacle

Mount Tabor has many unique buildings but the Tabernacle is in many respects the crown jewel. The upper floor is the ultimate community auditorium, music venue, and gathering place. Whether it is an At the Tabernacle concert, the CMA Annual Meeting, or one of the many community events around Tabor we encourage you to spend some time at the Tabernacle. Leaseholders can use the venue at no charge for an event or gathering of their own. Terms and Conditions do apply, see the RESOURCES PAGE for more details.

The lower floor of the Tabernacle houses the CMA Offices, a Mount Tabor Fire Department house, and the local United States Postal Service office.

The Bethel

The Bethel is the original Mount Tabor School and served as a functioning court for many years. Today it is the venue for most of the small to mid-sized events held in Mount Tabor and is available to Leaseholders for their own events. Terms and Conditions do apply, see the RESOURCES PAGE for more details.

Check the Community Calendar for an event that might interest you or feel free to stop by for a meeting of the Camp Meeting Association held monthly on the third Thursday of the month at 8PM (September's meeting is scheduled for the Thursday prior to the Annual meeting).

Mount Tabor Library

Mount Tabor is home to one of the longest continually operating Libraries in New Jersey. Part of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Library System the Mount Tabor Branch is home to an impressive array of books, magazines, DVDs, and other media. What they don't have you can order through the MAIN library system website with your library card and pick up at the Mount Tabor Library. A short walk for anyone in Mount Tabor, we encourage all residents to take advantage of this wonderful local resource. Library hours are posted at the branch website.

Trinity Park

Trinity Park, or "The Circle" was the scene of camp meeting services for listeners numbering in the thousands. The original cast iron fountain needed assistance from the D, L and W RR to reach its location at the top of the park in 1875. The current fountain is a close replicaand the rest of the park features gardens, commemorative trees and benches for enjoyment of all.


Living it up in Mount Tabor


Mount Tabor is a great place to live. There are rolling hills for the exercise-minded while shopping, dining and trains to New York City are steps away..  


If you are new to Mount Tabor you are likely to discover unique architectural details around every corner. The rich history of our houses can be experienced in the annual House Tour (hosted by the Historical Society) and researched at our office.


To live in Mount Tabor is to love the community. Please learn more about the town from the video below (Produced by the Mount Tabor Historic Society).

Mount Tabor is a former Methodist Camp Meeting founded in 1869, now a historic community gem in Morris County, NJ. Listed as a historic district on the State and National Registers of Historic Places in 2015, the Mount Tabor Historical Society is pleased to present this short video featuring our unique neighborhood.